Slides on CD is part of the Cleaford Services Group


Our simple price schedule - 

If you send us up to 100 slides you pay 22p each
If you send us between 101 and 500 slides you pay 21p each
If you send us between 501 and 1000 slides you pay 20p each
If you send us between 1001 and 2000 slides you pay 18p each
If you send us over 2000 slides you pay 17p each

We have a minimum scanning price of 10.

For scanning with
Digital ICE3 dust and scratch removal use exactly double the above prices.

These are for slides in standard 5x5 cm mounts, scanned at 1800 dpi as jpg or tiff.  Contact us if you have non-standard sizes or you want printed photos or negatives scanned, or you want a higher resolution. If mounts have disintegrated we will need to remount a slide before it can be scanned.  We charge 50p for each remount.

Your scanning price includes the CD or DVD containing the files.  Extra copies of the CD/DVD are 5 each.

We will count the slides as we scan them, and then invoice you when we have finished - you don’t need to do an exact count yourself. We will despatch the job to you once you have settled our invoice, which can be by PayPal, BACS or cheque

Return delivery of your slides is 5 via Hermes (www.myhermes.com).  As you slides will have been scanned you may not want them back, in which case there is no return delivery charge, and we will dispose of them for you.  We hold a security copy of the scans until we know you have received the CD.


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