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ICE Scanning

Digital ICE 3 automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches, from a scanned image.  Our standard service scans slides in the condition in which they are received, as we do not offer any physical cleaning.  Below are example scans of a customer’s slide which was received by us with a normal amount of dust and a significant surface mark.  The example scanned with digital ICE in operation is obviously better. Click on the pictures to see the differences........


ICE Examples - before and after



Scanning with digital ICE takes much longer, hence we need to charge a higher price for this enhanced service.  There will also be a longer turnaround time for ICE scanning, so if your delivery date is critical it may be best to phone us (0845 124 9402) for an estimate of the length of the current queue.

Be sure to mark your order form if you want the ICE service, otherwise we will automatically provide the standard service.

Digital ICE scanning is only available for slides in standard 5 x 5 cm mounts.

We cannot offer any guarantees as to the effectiveness of ICE for any particular slide.

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