Not only does our scanning service preserve your slides before they deteriorate, but it also makes a wonderful present, or way of distributing copies of your pictures to friends and family overseas.  You can now carry round your photo collection on your iPod Photo, and display them on any TV.

See our Prices page for the excellent discounts available for bulk - we handle everything from small family collections to major archiving jobs preserving the images from thousands of transparencies before they suffer from mould damage.

We are offer the option of ICE3 digital dust and scratch removal - more details here

Consider making a display for your grown up children, using a selection from your collection of family pictures of their childhood.  Our scans display very nicely in iPhoto on a Mac, or on a PC.

Professional or technical slides can be transferred to a CD for your lectures, etc.  We have converted dental slides to CD for training lecturers and have scanned whole University slide collections. Talks for your club or society can be illustrated with a CD.

If you want your pictures to appear on the CD in a specific order you will need to tell us, and make sure the slides are clearly marked in the correct sequence.

All the images will come to you as .jpg files, which you can use for any purpose.  Our standard scanning resolution is 1800 dpi, which results in files of up to about 1.1MB each (depending on the image and how the jpg compression handles it), so we find we can get up to 1,000 images on each CD.  A data DVD will store about 4 GB.  Although we have done thousands at 1200 dpi, we are occasionally asked for higher resolutions by specific customers.  This slows our process, and so increases the prices. See our Prices page

We also now provide scans as tiff files - no compression, with file sizes of around 23MB per scan.  Our tiff prices are the same as for jpg.

Remember that a digital projector can be used with your PC or laptop, to give a full screen presentation.  The scans are fine for importing into PowerPoint presentations.

Maybe you would like to give your pictures to family or friends who don’t have the means to view a CD - we can put your scans onto a DVD that will play in most DVD players.

It is sometimes impossible for us to tell which is the ‘view side’ of older slides.  Please mark each slide on the ‘view from this side’ side. If there will be doubt as to the correct orientation of the picture we suggest you mark with an ‘up arrow’ to indicate the top.  See the notes on our Conditions page regarding this and other features.’

We do not recommend our service for reproduction of artwork, scans for publishers, etc., where considerably higher resolutions will be required.  We suggest you use a more expensive service in these cases.

Some older card type slide mounts are suffering from failure of the glue, and we can only scan those that are in a proper mount.  Where necessary we will remount in modern plastic.  See our Conditions page.  Please note we are NOT able to remount the old Ektachrome slides, where the image is 38mm square (larger than the common rectangle), so you must ensure these mounts have not opened up before you send them to us.

It is easiest for us if the slides are in batches, magazines or boxes.  You, or we will number each batch or box, and you will then receive the scans as 01-001, 01-002, 01-003 etc. for box 1, and so on.  This makes it easy for you to match up the slide with the scan, if you wish to for any reason.  We will scan them in the order you have boxed them, so there is no need to number each slide unless the sequence is particularly important. 



1.  Some customers have found that when processing scenes that are predominantly snow or ice our scanner produces images that are too blue for their liking.  If you have a lot of important snow scenes you may wish to take them to another more expensive scanning service.  Or you can send us a sample slide and we will email the result for you to make a decision.

2.  Although our scanner does a little bit of automatic adjustment, it is still true that a very dark slide will produce a very dark scan, and a very over exposed slide will produce a similar scan.  We do not have the time to manually adjust for each slide, but you can work on the jpg files we send you.

3.  Our scanner automatically detects the position of the frame of the mount.  In some cases of very dark images it gets this wrong, and crops the picture, thinking a black part of the image is part of the frame.  We cannot control this, but it only happens in rare cases of very dark portions at the edge of an image


What do you do next?  Print off the order form from the link just below here, complete the details (including your credit card details or mark as ‘please invoice’), pack it with your slides, and sent it off to the address on the form.  Most customers use Royal Mail Special Delivery.  If you are hand delivering your work we still need an order form please.



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